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6th Grade CBA--Why History:

Studying history can be useful in understanding current issues. You will develop a position on how the knowledge of history helps you understand a current issue by analyzing historical events related to that issue.

In a cohesive paper or presentation, you will:

  • State a position on how examining history helps us understand a current event or issue.

  • Provide reason(s) for your position that include:
        An analysis of how two historical events relate to the understanding of a current issue.

  • Make explicit references within the paper or presentation to three or more credible sources that provide relevant information AND cite sources within the paper, presentation, or bibliography.

To help you understand what is expected, here is the SCORING GUIDE.

Possible Essential Question:

How did colonization of __________________________________ effect life there today? (Insert a Latin American country.)

  •     Countries to choose from (There is information in the text books on these countries):
                Puerto Rico
                Haiti / Dominican Republic

  • Life today--consider
                Economy and Poverty
                Quality of Life--Education, Health, Poverty vs. Wealth, Culture
                Relations with the U.S.A and other Countries

Common Reading--

Reading from text book, Latin America and Canada--

Caribbean Countries


Islands--pgs 375 to 385
Climate--pgs 386 to 391

    Background Information

Indigenous People and European contact--pg 393 to 394
Slaves and Plantations in the Caribbean--pgs 395-397

    Rebellions and Revolutions

Haitian Rebellion / Revolution--pg 396
Dominican Republic--pg 399
Puerto Rico--pgs 399 to 400
Cuba--pgs 400 to 401


Languages--pg 408
Changes in Society--pgs 408 to 409
Changes from plantation cash crops--pgs 410 to 412
Entertainment--pgs 412 to 413


Cuba and Puerto Rico (reaction to U.S. control)--pgs 420 to 427


    Background Information

Indigenous People--pgs 202 to 217 (Maya and Aztec)
European Explorers--pgs 224 to 231
Conquest of Mexico by Europeans--pgs 232 to 324
Spanish Colonies--pgs 240 to 248
Revolutions in Latin America--pgs 249 to 257


Land--pgs 265 to 269
Climate--pgs 270 to 273


Independence and Revolution--pgs 277 to 293


People--pgs 294 to
Daily Life--pgs 300 to 305
Art--pgs 306 to 313


emancipate exile autonomy racism cash crop reggae
nationalize commonwealth civilization pyramid hieroglyphics specialize
empire tribute emperor irrigation terrace astrolabe
compass caraval conquistador viceroyalty encomienda humid
mission arable fossil fuel reform civil war dictator
investor land reform ejido subsistence farmer commercial farmer NAFTA
quality of life coral trade winds windward leeward communist
ethnic colonial / colony independence revolution indigenous culture
rebellion missionary social class intervention reform progress
constitution position* analysis* explicit* credible* relevant*
current issue* current event* history*      

* These are words from the CBA assignment above.

    Library Support


    OPAC keyword searches

        Caribbean--find legends, history, culture, fiction
        West Indies--find legends, history, culture, fiction
        The name of your Country


    Print in Reference Section--World Book, etc. Use the index
    Online--  Britannica Online http://www.school.eb.com/ (ask your teacher or librarian for login and password)


    Search Directory Links on Mt. Baker Elementary website www.mtbaker.wednet.edu/elemlib

    Culturegrams -- http://online.culturegrams.com/ (ask your teacher or librarian for login and password) Look for country information

    ProQuest and ELibrary http://www.proquestk12.com/ (ask your teacher or librarian for login and password) Lots of current information.

    World Almanac For Kids Online http://www.worldalmanacforkids.com/

    CIA World Factbook -- http://www.worldalmanacforkids.com/

    Online Support


    Wikipedia-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexico

    Mexico for Kids by the Government of Mexico-- http://www.elbalero.gob.mx/index_kids.html

    History to modern elections-- http://www.geographia.com/mexico/mexicohistory.htm

    U.S. Department of State--http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/35749.htm



    U.S. Department of State--http://www.state.gov/p/wha/ci/cu/








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