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ProQuest and ELibrary
A huge data base of magazines and journals. 
Try ELibrary Elementary for kids or ProQuest for adults.
Get the login and password from your librarian or teacher.
Information on Countries, States, and Provinces.
Ask you librarian or teacher for the login and password.
World Conflicts Today
Information about what's happening in the world right now.
Ask your librarian or teacher for the login and password.
Whatcom County Library
Bellingham Public Library

The WebQuest Page

Go in through the "Portal"


WebQuests at SDSU

A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The model was developed in early 1995 at San Diego State University by Bernie Dodge with Tom March, and was outlined then in Some Thoughts About WebQuests.

from and




Butterflies and Bugs


Children's Butterfly Site: Activities and Information.

All About Butterflies: Enchanted Learning's Butterfly Book Activities.

BillyBear4Kids: Games, puzzles, pictures, lots of butterfly activities.

Pop-up Butterfly: Demonstrate an emerging butterfly using toilet paper rolls.

The Butterfly Web Site: Bibliography and butterfly gardens.

Butterfly sites: list from edtech

Yukon Butterflies: school site with some videos. The J-Shape movie shows an emerging Painted Lady



Native Americans

Skokomish summer village (Library of Congress) Edward Curtis photo

Edward Curtis Photos: Practice visual literacy by collecting information from these photos of Native Americans at the turn of the 20th Century.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Blackfoot Interpretive Center, Alberta

The Makah Nation Includes photos of Cape Flattery Trail Burke Museum Interactive Lesson with Native Language Burke Museum

PLAINS INDIANS--use to practice site evaluation

NORTHWEST INDIANS--use to practice site evaluation





Colonial America


Jamestowne Society: History of Jamestowne

America's Homepage: Information on Plymouth including museum tours.

Jamestown Rediscovery: Preservation Society information on history and people.

Jamestown Virtual Colony: A resource for teaching about Jamestown.

The Colony at Roanoke by Ralph Lane 1586

Nova Britania Original documents to promote Virginia 1609

Virginia Richly Valued Original document to promote Virginia 1609

Three Colonial online research projects: Bellingham School District Grade 5

Colonial Times: Think Quest

Colonial Occupations

Jump Back in Time: Short informational articles

Social Studies for Kids: New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies--
Characteristics of the Colonies (comparisons)

Life in British Colonies: A School Site


A Colonial Family and Community: The Daggets family in Coventry Connecticut early 1700s

Old Sturbridge Village: Massachusetts


Colonial Kids, A Celebration Life in the 1700s: Colonial kids in Southern Pennsylvania

The Middle Colonies: History


Colonial Williamsburg: People, places and life

Colonial Williamsburg Trades: Jobs




Internet and Computer

Yahooligan's Glossary Definitions of tech terms

Welcome to the Web Lessons and activities

Internet 101 Learn about the Internet

CyberSmart Lessons and activities

Web Evaluation:

       Mankato MN--Could this be real? Evaluate this site!

      Tree Octopus and more

      Teaching Web Site evaluation with Hoax Sites

      WebQuest on evaluating Web Sites

     WebQuest on evaluating Web Sites

      Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators information on Web Site Evaluation


Do We Really Know Dewey?




Electric Library Search magazines, encyclopedias, and other information sources (From home you will need login and password--Ask your teacher or librarian.)

Yahooligans Lots of fun and information for kids

Yahoo: One of the first search tools. The directory is easy to search.

Whatcom County Library System Information and Catalog


American Memory Historical Collection of photos and primary documents from the Library of Congress

Kendall Lab Links Information for just about any research

Online Research Investigations: Bellingham School District (Curriculum based research projects for grades 3 - 9)

Encyclopedia Britannica online: Ask your teacher or librarian for long-in and password

Facthound: information and games. Use with Pebble Plus books.

Altavista: Excellent search tool for finding images online and translating web pages (Babel Fish). Advanced tools are very powerful and easy.

Ask Jeeves for Kids: Filtered content for kids. Ask why the sky is blue and see what you get!

HotBot: Excellent tool for filtered searches for dates, media, language. Complicated to use, but use for filtering searches.

Google: Considered the best and biggest index of any search engine.

DogPile: A meta-search site which allows you to search multiple sites at once. Use the Fetch button. Recommended by Harmony 5th and 6th graders.

About: A directory built by experts. The Guides offer the best of the web in thousands of categories.

Culturegrams: Countries around the world. Several levels available. Ask your librarian or teacher for the password.




Idiom Quizzes Self-Study Idiom Quizzes

The Idiom Connection English Idioms and Quizzes



Baker Info Sources

Kendall Tech Lab Lots of fun links and school stuff, too.

Acme Links Information sources used in the Acme computer lab.

Curriculum Links Developed by Doug Sutton for the Mt. Baker School District

Mrs. Chelson's Class at Kendall Favorite links

Mrs. Bruntil's Acme  Web Page

Mr. Anderson's Acme Web Page

Ditch-ital at Harmony

Harmony Courtyard Science

Kendall Creek Salmon Restoration from Kendall Elementary

Kendall Seismograph (at WWU)




State Parks

National Park Service

Yahooligan's State Page

Name the State Map Test

Blank Outline State Maps

Map Quiz

World Almanac for Kids

Crime Rates Crime rates for the U.S. and for each state

Online Information for State Reports:

You can get to these sources at school, at home, or anywhere you can use an online computer.

General State Information

  • Click on Culture Grams (near the bottom of the page)
  • Log-in = harmon
  • Password = baker
  • Click on States Edition
  • Select your state from the map or from the drop-down menu
  • Click on Generate Citation (on the right under the faces) to get your bibliography. Copy and paste it into your electronic notes or write it on your note-card.
  • Click on View Detail Map as PDF for information on location and borders and climate and geography
  • Click on the topics from the menu on the right. Choose ones that might have information you need such as Resources and Economy.
  • Read the middle for interesting information.

Climate: temperature and precipitation (use this for your bibliography)

  • In the yellow box that says Local Weather, type in the name of a city in your state (example = Atlanta, Georgia) and then hit GO
  • Find Averages and Records and click on it
  • You’ll see graphs of temperatures and precipitation
  • If you want to see the data in a table, click on Table Display
  • After you get this information, you can go back and do another city in your state so you can make a comparison graph if you want to. (Or compare it to Bellingham)


Economy, Jobs, and much more (use this for your bibliography)

  • Click on Chapters.
  • Click on United States.
  • Scroll down to find your state.
  • Click on Economy to find a table with number of non-farm jobs and what they are. Also industries, resources and farm products
  • Click on Land and Resources and scroll down to find a table with climate information.

General Information from many sources (this site is only available for a short time);jsessionid=8A1F7990A1944B2E7BC95B65D5578EA2?locID=k12_itke

  • Click on Geography
  • Click on US States
  • Click on your state
  • Find reference, magazines, newspapers, charts and graphs, maps and flags, and photos
    • Good pie chart on industries




Washington State and Whatcom County


Bellingham Centennial Celebration


Pioneer Era Photographs and Links

Bellingham Centennial 

Curriculum Link: Bellingham's Centennial Exploring the Foundations of Our Community  (Curriculum developed for Bellingham School District)

Road Trip Through WA and Vacation WA: Bellingham School District research projects grade 4

Center for Pacific Northwest Studies (Western archives--a search will bring up descriptions of materials. You can see originals at the archives or they will make copies.)

Whatcom County Museum of History and Art (Try the photo archives.)

Washington State Historical Society (Tacoma museum, including field trip information.)

Burke Museum (There are photos of Native American artifacts from North America.)

Museum of History and Industry

History Link

Secretary of State (Try the time line!)

UW Archives

American Memory Historical Collection of photos and primary documents from the Library of Congress

Acme Book Project

Whatcom County Historical Society (Biographies of Whatcom Co. folk, old newspapers--July 7, 1898: Fred ZOBRIST of Acme was knocked off his horse last week by a branch of a falling tree, and had an arm broken--early postcards, and town histories.)



Body Systems

YuckyKids: The grossest stuff kids want to know.

KidsHealth: Information on systems and organs. (You may need to install Shockwave--but should work without..)



and Latin America

CIA World Fact Book

Facts on Canada from Government of Canada

Statistics Canada

Animal Bytes: South America from San Diego Zoo

Animal Resource: South American Animals


Reading and Authors

4th grade site about genres and book recommendations (Palos East Media Center)

Authors and Illustrators

Young Authors at Baker



Rocks, Minerals, Volcanoes

Rock Hounds: Discover How Rocks Are Formed (Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary)

picture of Aa lava

picture of Pahoehoe lava




Columbus Student Report

European Voyages of Exploration from U. of Calgary

Explorers Index

Explorers of North America from Enchanted Learning

French Explorers

Magellan Student Report



Salmon, Ecology, Environment

Salmon Challenge--King County Kids Web

Salmon Species--Puget Sound Shorelines

Life Cycle of Salmon

The Salmon Page--Riverdale Grade School

Endangered Species Act--Status of each type of salmon

Will Seattle Stop Logging Its Watershed?--Article



Land and Water

NASA Earth Observatory Satellite photos including before and after Katrina

NASA For Kids Only Earth Science

Geography Action -- National Geographic--Try the interactive river system and Public Lands

King County Kids Web

Before and After Satellite Photos of New Orleans




Animals and

Rainforest Animals

Enchanted Learning

Amazing Rainforest Animals developed by Louisiana State University College of Ed.

Learning About Rainforests from

Rainforest Animals from ABCteach. A drawing and a few sentences about each animal

Animals of the Rainforest WebQuest for 3rd Grade

Rainforest Live

Rainforest Lesson Plans from

Encyclopedia Britannica online (get login and password from the Librarian or Teacher)




*Teachers: Not all sites have been evaluated. Please apply your own web evaluation format.






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