Mount Baker School District


This is the official Mount Baker School District Web Site - our window for the outside world.

This web site is designed as a "shell" that will expand to allow the school community to produce web pages that should be posted for all to see - sharing exemplary work, communicating information to students, staff, parents, and community, and, most importantly, as a learning tool for the same audience.

The district has developed goals for this web site:

  1. To establish the Internet (World Wide Web) as an academic tool for student learning and research, as well as a teaching tool for educators.
  2. To create a new communication tool with students, parents, local community, and the larger educational community.
  3. To publish exemplary student work as a resource for other students and as a showcase for the entire internet community.
  4. To establish connections with industries, colleges, universities, and other vocations.

These goals will help to guide us as we further develop this educational tool.

We're beginning to see many significant contributions from staff members.

MBHS Counselor Toby Marston has the Pride Presentation information available to all.
Athletic Director Brenda Terpstra keeps sports fans happy by creating and updating the MBSD Athletics web site.
FFA Advisor Todd Rightmire continues to provide the MBHS FFA web site, and he is using students to update the information.
Ms. Sandi Madison continues to refine the resources on the MBHS Career Center web site.
MBHS Drama Director Adrienne Somera has a fine Drama Department web site.
Classroom web sites have been created by David Lewis, Erin DeRoco, and Jon Anderson among others.

Some students have made significant contributions as well.

Lily Cool, class of 2000, was assistant webmistress and provided updates to the Lunch menu and the Mount Baker Scholarship Foundation, among others.
Jessy Phillips, class of 2002, worked on background databases, Honor Society, ASB, and the Recycling web, in addition to many other projects.
Grant Golden took on a school project and created a web of Student Photography.

I'm sure I've missed some contributions - look around and find the many interesting corners of this web site.

MAP - A map of Whatcom County and/or Washington State with the Mt. Baker School District shaded to show the large square mileage of the district. Each school would have an icon that, when clicked, would take the user to the home page of that school.
CURRICULAR LINKS - If you examine the curricular links, some subject areas are particularly skimpy. Please advise us of good URL's that we can add to this list.
OTHERS - We are open to new ideas that would benefit our audience.

Thanks for reviewing this site. Let me know of any typographical errors, great ideas, concerns, etc.

Doug Sutton -