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Identification Tips:

bulletLength: 6 inches
bulletPointed bill-yellow for most of year, dark in fall
bulletBlack plumage with green and purple iridescence
bulletWhite spots scattered about head and body-largest in fall
bulletDark wings and tail
bulletPointed wings
bulletShort tail
bulletJuvenile gray-brown with faint streaking below
bulletVery common-frequently seen in large flocks



The Starling’s scientific name is Sturnus vulgaris

           The Starling is a bird and it flies. Starlings are awake during the morning and afternoon.  It Starlings make their nests in trees, rock crevices and on buildings. They live in open fields, parks and on the edges of woodlands. Starlings build their nests between February and March.  Male Starlings builds the nest before he has a mate.

          Starlings live in the Eastern and Western U.S.A. Starlings in the U.S.A. migrate younger birds can fly longer distances than older birds. Flocks of Starling can reach huge numbers and flocks of 100,000 or common to the western part of the U.S.A. They migrate during the Season Winter.

          Starlings eat a variety of things such as snails, worms, millipede, spiders, berries, grains and a lot of seeds. They catch their food by using their beak and pecking. Starlings can come in some different colors, but the ones I studied are Brown and gray.  The Starling changes its looks over the seasons.  The difference between male and female is that the bottom of the bill is a different color. Starlings don’t mold their autumn feathers and the starling is smaller than a Robin. The first egg the female lays is in mid-March and they also lay one egg pure day. The colors of the eggs are pale blue or greenish-white. The male and female Starling attains a length of 8-9 inches.  In February the male Starling begins to build a nest and scout around for mates. The song of this incredible bird is hooey jeer and it mimics other birds.




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