This year at Kendall, some of our teachers are piloting a new teaching model that is very similar to what is commonly called a “block schedule” at the jr. high school level.  Teachers who are a part of this exciting new model will be teaching in specific core areas. Instead of teaching all subjects (like in a traditional elementary model) they will be focused on a specific content area.  For example, one teacher may teach only reading and writing, while another teaches only mathematics.  This new model is being explored because it allows teachers to dig deeper into their content area with their classes, which will provide deeper understanding for our students.  Students taking part in this new model will be spending half of their day with one teacher, and the other half of the day will be spent with the second teacher. 

As we start this new schedule we are expecting that there will be kinks to work out, but we are very excited for the opportunity to serve your student in the best way we can.

If you have any questions or concerns, please notify either your child’s teachers or our principal, Susan Gribble, at 383-2055.

Below is a list of teachers who are participating in the block schedule this year.

2ND Annie Welch Margie Nistad
3rd Dave Bishop Bette Mitchell
4th Dex Horton Anne Skelton
4th Carol Smith Kristie Abernathy
5th Steve Blum-Anderson Cindy Purdy


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