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Grades are updated and posted frequently (usually at least once a week). 

Unhappy with your grade?  Try the following...

Check the posted grades for any missing work.  Then finish it and turn it in.

Ask Mr. Schlegel for help (schedule a time--before school, after school, or at lunch).

Attend Wednesday After Hours.  The late bus will take students home, too.

Call or e-mail Mr. Schlegel.

Student Life Grades:

Follow this link to see your grades online!

Fill in the chart below to determine your current grade in Student Life.  Students should have a copy of this grade chart in their 3-ring binders and know their current grade at all times.  Grades are determined from the percentage of points earned out of total points.




Name:  Sample

Class:  Student Life Period 3


Assignment Name

(Assignment) Points Earned out of Points Possible

(Total) Points Earned out of Points Possible





Click here for a blank, printable grade chart.

Extra Credit Options:

See me if you have an idea for something you can do for extra credit.  Make sure your regular assignments are completed first.


Any Questions?  Please contact me.

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