The Mount Baker Years

In 1990, students and staff at Mount Baker High School were saying, "When Pete Stewart is rich and famous, I can say that I knew him when…" No one is telling whether Pete is rich, but he is well on the way to becoming famous.

Pete made a name for himself at Mount Baker High School as a fine musician and as ASB President during his senior year. As a trumpet player in the Jazz Band, Pete was well-known amongst county musicians from his outstanding performances at the Ferndale Jazz Festival. He participated in the All-State Band twice and was chosen as the All-State Jazz Band guitar player once.

His band, "Electric Spaghetti," of which he was singer and lead guitar player, entertained the crowds at pep assemblies and talent shows during his senior year.

His talent for writing music became evident in 1989 when he, along with classmate Annie Sirguy, wrote a song in memory of Mandy Stavik, a friend who died a violent and tragic death. They sang the song at her memorial service, and recorded the song at a professional music studio. Over 3000 copies of the tape were sold, with proceeds going to the Mandy Stavik Scholarship Fund.

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