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New Students

Entering or changing schools can be stressful for both students and families.  Mount Baker schools want to make this transition as easy as possible for everyone involved. 

Mount Baker School District Community Overview High School Information
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High School Information  Serving Grades 9-12

Choosing courses.  The WASL. Getting ready for college. Athletics. Drama. Running Start.  These are just some of the many components that can be part of your high school experience at Mount Baker. Go to the new high school student page for all the details.

Junior High School Information  Serving Grades 7 & 8

New teachers.  Different courses.  Sports.  Junior high can be an intimidating experience for some.  Go to our Junior High new student page to find the information that will help parents and students make the transition.

Elementary School Information Serving Grades K-6

Depending on where you live in the district, or a student's specific needs, you will enroll your student in either Kendall, Acme or Harmony Elementary schools.  To find out which school you should contact call our district office at 360-383-2000

On this page you'll find all the information you'll need to register, no matter which school you attend.

All day Kindergarten now offered at Kendall. Call Kendall for more information!

  Harmony Acme Kendall Educational Resource Center*
Contact Person (click on name to send an email) Allyson Logan Michelle Anderson Norma Adkinson or Diane Jacoby Becky Phillips
Phone Number 360-383-2050 360-383-2045 360-383-2055 360-383-2012
FAX Number 360-383-2054 360-383-2049 360-383-2059 360-383-2014
School Office Hours 8:00-4:30 7:30-4:00  8:00-4:30 8:30-4:00
Class Start Time 9:25 9:15 9:00 See below
Class End Time 3:25 3:25 3:25 See below
Grades Served K-6 K-6 K-6 Pre-School

*the Educational Resource Center has certain entrance criteria and varying hours. See below for details.

The information below applies to all Mount Baker Elementary schools.

What paperwork do I need to register?

When registering, parents and guardians need to bring immunization records and proof of age. A legal document with a student's legal name on it is required to register students.   A birth certificate is necessary for those registering in kindergarten.  If you have specific questions about these requirements don't hesitate to call one of the contact people above. 

What if I am transferring from one Mount Baker school to another?

It is not uncommon for families to move residences within the boundaries of the school district.  Simply contact the building secretary (named above) and she will provide you with the necessary information.

How are classroom placements made?

Elementary principals make placement decisions.  Factors include (but are not limited to) boy/girl ratio and student needs.  If you have questions or concerns about this process you are encouraged to talk with the school principal. 

School Websites

When registering the contact person will help you with specific questions about transportation, lunches, health and medical needs, and school supplies.  You are also encouraged to look at specific school websites:

Acme Harmony Kendall

Educational Resource Center Details

The Educational Resource Center (ERC) currently houses the Mount Baker Special Needs pre-school and the Whatcom County Head Start program.  The district pre-school serves students 3-5 years old who have an Individualized Education Plan.  Session are held in the morning (9:30-12:00) and afternoon (1;00-3:30), Monday through Thursday.  Student placement is base on individual needs and determined by the pre-school team.  The Head Start program runs Tuesday through Friday , from 9:30-1:00.  If you have questions about enrolling your student or seeing if he/she is eligible for either program, contact Becky Phillips at 360-383-2012.

Home School Information

Mount Baker schools wants to support families that prefer to home school their children.  If you would like to do this or get more information you need to contact Pam Butenschoen at 360-383-2000.

All home school students need to register with the school district.  If you would like a copy of the form needed to register you can download it below.  Also, the Washington Home School Association might have some resources for parents and students as well. 

For the Mount Baker home school form click here.



Have questions? Contact any member of the student support team to have your questions answered. Click below for contact information.

Student Support Team Contact Information

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