French Resources

Frances 101 Independent Study

Intro Project to-dos…


1.     Syllabus - Make a plan.  Have parents, administrators, counselor and parents sign…

2.     Put a portfolio together.  Portfolio intro, signed syllabus, numbers, cover decorations (you will need to rewrite some of the documents that are in Spanish) 

3.     How do you learn another language?  What number is French in the world?  How many speakers?  Where do they speak French in the world? 

4.     Research the library… what resources to they have? Dictionaries?  Cookbooks?  Videos?  Make a list of these recourses…

5.     Research who in your world speaks French. – Exchange students, parents, family friends, etc. 

6.     Alphabet – Arte projects…. Make large French alphabet to add to my alphabets

7.     Classroom Objects

8.     Quality Posters

9.     How do you say ___________? poster

10. Intro Collage – My name is…, my favorite food is…, my favorite activity is…., my ideal profession is….

11. Me, myself and I presentation – je, Moi et moi-même , la presentation.

12. Useful phrases in French – Poster

13. Introductions – Hi, my name is… How are you?… What is your phone number?…

14. Survey of useful internet sites - Make a list for our recourse box…

15. Basic French History -

16. List of French Holidays – Brief description and dates… make people cards or French food and deliver to celebrate…

17.  Cognates vs. False Cognates

18. Survey of French  Make a CD for your classmates to remember your experience… Make a music video to one. 

19. Survey of French Art

20. Project for the betterment of the world – Senior project?  What do you love?  Why is it important?  How can you share that with the world? 

21. French pen pal

22. Cook – research food and cook together.  No nuts. 

23.  Professor petit – The best way to learn something is to teach it.  Write lesson plans and teach little kids French. 

24.   Online videos… Ma Frances – 24 episodes -

25.   BBC Language Pages

26.   MBHS Library  French DVD’s

27.   Movies in French – Serendipity, Ratatouille,

28.     Translate from English to French….  Then click the Speaker button and listen to the weird computer person say it in French…





Midterm = Puppet show, portfolio, self evaluation

Final Examen = Music Video, portfolio, self evaluation


Online Resources:

French steps

Talk French

Quick lessons

Ma France (advanced)

French experience

French TV

Translate something to French and hear it being spoken:


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