• General Procedures & Telephone Numbers

    1. In all cases of emergency, the principal or his/her designee shall have the option of calling the emergency service directly (fire, police, utility, ambulance, etc.) by dialing 911 for a fast and appropriate response.  The superintendent or superintendent's office at (360) 383-2000 shall always be notified immediately.
    2. The safety of students and staff in all situations is the prime consideration.
    3. Each school principal is authorized and directed to take action as may be necessary to save lives and mitigate the effects of disaster.

    Contact the District Office at (360) 383-2000.  Support will be provided and will also handle initial communication with the news media.  Refer all calls from the news media to the Superintendent or his designee.  All news releases will come from the central office.  The Superintendent or designee will be the spokesperson.