Whatcom Alliance Healthcare Access (WAHA)

  • Local Nonprofit Helps Uninsured Children & Families Find Health Insurance

    Thanks to an innovative partnership between the Mount Baker School District and a local nonprofit agency, families can connect with free, confidential services to get health insurance for their children. To make the process quick and easy, the Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access (WAHA) offers families telephone consultations, impartial online information on a wide variety of options, and/or one-on-one application assistance. WAHA will inform and assist families on the following insurance options:

    • Medicaid:  available to most children, pregnant women, those with disabilities, low-income parents.

    • Comprehensive and catastrophic commercial health insurance plans.

    • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

    • Bridge Assistance, a charity care program of St. Joseph Hospital.

    • Medicare and supplemental coverage for children and adults with disabilities.

    The Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring access to healthcare services for all members of our community. Waha is composed of a wide range of partners, including leaders from the nonprofit, business, and governmental sectors, as well as many local health care organizations.  WAHA is dedicated to solving community healthcare problems. 

    For more information or to make an appointment, please visit the WAHA website, or you can call or email them at: (360) 788-6594 / WAHA@hinet.org

    Healthy Kids are Better Learners: Parents Have Options

    Less likely to receive treatment for injuries…less likely to be immunized… eight times less likely to have a regular source of medical care…five times more likely to receive care in a hospital emergency room.

    Who does this describe? Children without health insurance.

    Regardless of a family’s income, the cost of medical care often prevents or delays uninsured children from receiving the care that they need. Health  insurance increases a family’s access to the medical care that keeps their child a healthy and active learner.

    You have options! Locally, the Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access offers staff ready to help you explore your state and commercial insurance choices.  For example:

    • Health Savings Accounts allow you to save money (tax-free), to meet the deductible of a catastrophic insurance plan. The money can then be spent tax-free on qualified medical expenses.
    • In many cases, Medicaid (DSHS) can help pay the premium charged by an employer to cover kids on their parent’s health insurance.

    The Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access (WAHA) is a local, nonprofit community service committed to increasing health access for all members of our community. We can help you understand your health insurance options, navigate the process of applying, and help you find a doctor.