Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA) Options & Collection of Evidence (COE)

  • Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA) Options

    Most Washington state public high school students will fulfill the assessment portion of the graduation requirements by passing state exit exams. If students don't pass on their first attempt, there are retake opportunities. Some students, however, may need to demonstrate their skills a different way. For these students, state-approved alternatives called Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA) options, are available after the student has attempted the state assessment.  Please visit OSPI Graduation Alternatives for more information on CAA options.

    Collection of Evidence (COE)

    The COE is an evaluation of a set of work samples based on classroom work prepared by the student with instructional support from a teacher.  OSPI, in conjunction with Washington state teachers, develop and implement COE passages, tasks, and prompts for reading, writing, mathematics, and science.  Please visit COE Local FAQs for more information on the COE Local Assessment.