• What is the Mount Baker Academy?

    The Mount Baker Academy is a Site-Base K-8 Alternative Learning Program designed to support home educators. We operate as an alternative school under Alternative Learning Experience Requirements (WAC 392-121-182)

    While recognizing parents as primary educators, the MBA offers a variety of educational options including on-site classes, consultation, academic assessment, curriculum and materials, and a supportive community of fellow home educators. 

    At the Mount Baker Academy (MBA), we understand that alternative learning programs can be an beneficial option

    to traditional public schools.

    At MBA we offer technical support in the form of:
    • How to plan a year of instruction
    • Year long student/parent consultation
    • Assessing student’s progress
    • How to evaluate and select materials
    • Teaching methods
    • MBA Library of curriculum/resources

    What is a Site-Based Program?

    Instructional Model

    Mount Baker Academy is a 20% Site-Based Program. The on-site classes represents 20% of the instruction on the student learning plan and the home instruction, using Mount Baker curriculum, represents the remaining 80%.

    Mount Baker Academy families can access curriculum to support home education in enrolled classes.

    A full time student must attend classes all day on Tuesdays (K-5) or Thursdays(6-8) from 9:30-3:00 to receive curriculum support in all content areas. Multiage ability classes in Math, Science, PE, Literacy-reading and writing are taught by two Mount Baker certified teachers. A part time student will receive curriculum support only for the on-site classes they attend.

    Additional classes or workshops may be offered on  Fridays depending upon program needs.

    Parents are not required to remain on site. Students may be dropped off with a lunch and picked up after classes.

    Student Learning Plan

    MBA certified teachers, collaborate with parents to design and develop a Individualized Student Learning Plan (SLP) aligned with the students on-site class schedule. For a full time student that includes Math, Science, PE, Literacy-Reading and Writing.

    The SLP describes the courses, core curriculum/materials used, Common Core State Standards/Goals, daily activities and assessments students will perform.

    Program Requirements


    • Parent complete academic progress reviews using a web based software called WINGS. The purpose is to reflect on progress made for the month that connect back to the goals on the SLP.
    • Full time students grade 4-8 complete a minimum of twenty-five hours of work per week, grade K-3 complete a minimum of 20 hours of work per week. (5 hours are with MBA classes). Parent must certify that the student met the number of hours written on the SLP.

    Students attending on-site classes meet the weekly contact expectation.