Welcome to Acme Elementary

  • Welcome to beautiful downtown Acme, Washington, home of Acme Elementary School. The rural setting of the South Fork Valley provides a wonderful variety of opportunities for our students. Our 200 students will be found in Kindergarten through Sixth Grades. A quick tour of the building may show students in a variety of classroom activities and groupings. Cross grade activities, small group instruction, assemblies, group projects, and much more provide a wealth of educational alternatives for our students.

    The data in this website was prepared by school district personnel, building staff, and the Acme Steering Committee. It provides us with an opportunity to share with the Acme School community, as well as the internet community, information about who we are, what we are doing and where we are going.

    Our goal for this website is to provide you with useful information. Any feedback that you have is encouraged and welcome. If you have suggestions for additions or general comments, please contact us at school.