About the Mount Baker School Board

Statement from the MBSD School Board | September 13, 2021

Mount Baker School District is committed to doing the best that we can for all of our students. There is much that influences our actions and decisions as a board, including the concerns of the community. We recognize that there are a wide range of opinions about measures taken to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

As the elected officials of the Mount Baker School District, we have the authority to make policy, budget, and governance decisions at the local level, as long as those decisions are not in conflict with other laws.

As a school district, our highest duty is to ensure the safety of the students entrusted to our care. As a school board, we are responsible for the quality of education provided by the district, we are accountable for the financial health of the district, a positive work environment for our employees, and the educational programs and opportunities provided to every student in this district.

We are proud of the “can-do” attitude that Mount Baker teachers and support staff have shown in meeting the challenges of the pandemic. We are grateful for the support and understanding from parents during what has been a major disruption in all of our lives. We are especially proud of the leadership that our students have shown throughout the pandemic. Our students have shown us that after COVID-19, they are ready to meet any challenge that life might present them. We fully recognize that these are trying times for all of us. We are determined to continue to meet the challenges, with the hope to come out of this pandemic with a stronger district and community.

Thank you, 
Mount Baker School Board

Two director positions on the Mount Baker School Board - Up for election in November 2021.


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NOTICE: The Evening Board meetings will be in the District Office with limited occupancy due to COVID-19 restrictions. All attendees are required to wear masks and sign in. We encourage interested staff members, parents, and community members to attend via Zoom.

Regular meetings are held at 6:00 PM on the second Thursday and 8:30 AM on the fourth Thursday in the District Office, unless otherwise noted. Meetings are open to the public; the public is invited and encouraged to attend Board meetings.

Responsibilities of the School Board

Your Mount Baker School District Board of Directors is composed of five District citizens elected by District voters for four-year terms. Board members serve in an unpaid, voluntary capacity. Although directors are elected to specific areas, they collectively represent the entire district. Board authority is established by the Washington State legislature. Your Board acts under the direction and restrictions of the law. The Board’s legal responsibilities are to:

  • Establish general policy for the school system;
  • Employ school personnel upon recommendation of the superintendent;
  • Adopt and revise the annual operating budget;
  • Inform the public of the needs and progress of the educational system;
  • Exercise the legislative powers conferred or implied by the legislature in administering school functions; and
  • Select the superintendent of schools.

How to Communicate Questions or Concerns

Before coming to the School Board with a specific question, concern, or issue, we encourage you to begin with the staff member closest to the concern. Most complaints can be resolved by informal discussions with the staff member.

At each "step," the person with the concern should request the person at that level to assist them in the process of moving an unresolved question or concern to the next level:

  1. Discuss the issue first with the teacher, guidance counselor or staff member closest to the concern.
  2. If the issue is not resolved, visit with the principal (this may be the first step if it is a school-wide concern).
  3. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved at the building level, contact the Superintendent’s office at (360) 383-2000.
  4. If still not satisfied, file a written complaint with the Superintendent’s office, describing the problem, all steps taken to resolve the issue and a suggested solution. The Superintendent will send copies to the principal and any staff member involved in the complaint. The Superintendent will then attempt to resolve the matter through a conference with the citizen, staff member(s), and principal.
  5. If still unresolved and after all other avenues have been exhausted, the Superintendent will present the issue to the Board. The Board will attempt to make a final resolution of the matter. If the complaint is against a staff member, the Board may call an executive session to discuss the matter. Any formal actions by the Board will take place at an open meeting.