JH/HS Bus Times as of April 19, 2021

Acme Elementary Bus Route Drop Off Times

Harmony Elementary Bus Route Drop Off Times

Kendall Elementary Bus Route Drop Off Times

The District and the staff of the Pupil Transportation Program are committed to providing safe, efficient, and economical transportation for eligible students to and from school and each bus stop.

The District operates a variety of routes and buses, from our large buses on residential routes to small buses providing specialized transportation and the after school late run. In addition, our buses are essential for field trips, athletic events, and other school activities.

  • Bus Drivers are required to maintain current certificates/licenses and partake in training throughout the School Year.
  • The annual budget for the Pupil Transportation Program is approximately $1.18 million.
  • The District has implemented the following policies, rules, and procedures in its commitment to the safe, efficient, and economical operations of its buses: 6600 and 6600P.