Mount Baker School District Office

Regular District Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Phone: (360) 383-2000   |   Fax: (360) 383-2009

Closed for Holidays: Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving (Thurs. & Fri.), Christmas Eve & Day, New Year's Eve & Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day.

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Tammy Baisden
District Office Secretary
(360) 617-4602tbaisden@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Kristi Baklund
(360) 617-4640kbaklund@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Pam Butenschoen
Human Resources/Assistant to the Superintendent
(360) 617-4609pbutenschoen@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Gitana Jensen
Payroll/Benefits Specialist
(360) 617-4605gjensen@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Justina Grimes
Accounts Payable/Substitute Coordinator
(360) 617-4606jgrimes@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Tom Larsen
Director of Maintenance & Water Distribution
(360) 617-4603tlarsen@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Mike Neuterman
IT Director
(360) 383-2020mneuterman@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Ken Root
Student Records
(360) 617-4608kroot@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Mary Sewright
(360) 617-4600msewright@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Ben Thomas
Executive Director of Finance & Operations
(360) 617-4604bthomas@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Katie Totten
(360) 617-4601ktotten@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Susan Windnagel
District Nurse
(360) 617-4607swindnagel@mtbaker.wednet.edu
Transportation(360) 383-2060Transportation
Inclement Weather Line(360) 383-2070Inclement Weather
Student Services(360) 383-2012Student Services
Child Nutrition(360) 383-2024Child Nutrition
Technology(360) 383-2020Technology
Curriculum(360) 383-2013Curriculum
Mount Baker Junior/Senior High School(360) 383-2015Mount Baker Junior High and Mount Baker Senior High
Acme Elementary(360) 383-2045Acme Elementary
Harmony Elementary(360) 383-2050

Harmony Elementary
Kendall Elementary(360) 383-2055

Kendall Elementary
ELC Preschool(360) 383-2012ELC Preschool
Mount Baker Academy(360) 383-2078Mount Baker Academy
Co-op Preschool(360) 383-2036Co-op Preschool