Employee Benefits

School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB)

Medical, dental, vision, and additional benefits for employees.

SEBB Links
SEBB Website - Information on your benefits.
SEBB My Account - Log in to your account, enroll in medical/dental/vision coverage, and add your dependents.
SEBB Employee Benefits Guide 2021
SEBB File an Appeal
Medical Plans | Helpful Links
Things to think about when choosing a medical plan
Medical plans in your area
Compare medical plans
Medical Benefit and Premium Comparison Chart 2021 | SEBB
Plan differences to consider
What type of plan should I select?
Summary of Benefits and Coverage - Links to medical plan documents (Kaiser, Premera, and UMP).
Dental Plans | Helpful Links
Selecting a dental plan
How do dental benefits compare?
How do DeltaCare and Willamette Dental Group plans work?
How does Uniform Dental Plan (UDP) work?
What providers can I see?
Vision Plans | Helpful Links
Davis Vision, Inc.
MetLife Vision Program

Omni Group 403(b)/457(B)
Tax Deferred Retirement Savings Plans.
Omni Group 403(b)/457(b) Information
Omni Group Website
Omni Group 403(b) Employee Education - Learn more about the Omni Group 403(b) tax deferred retirement savings plan.
403(b)/457(b) Plan Detail for MBSD - A complete listing of your available 403(b) & 457(b) providers, including information about their available investment types, agent contact information, and online enrollment.
Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) - After you open an account with an approved investment provider in your employer’s plan, simply select your employer’s state and type in your employer’s name to take you to the Salary Reduction Agreement form(s) where you will be able to detail the amount to be deducted as well as the approved investment provider with whom you wish to participate.


Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association (VEBA) plan is a type of tax-exempt trust used by its members and eligible dependents to pay for eligible medical expenses.

Please view the VEBA "How-To" video below from more information.