Report safety concerns anonymously: (360) 383-2093

The safety of our students and staff in the Mount Baker School District is a top priority. Our District encourages anyone in our community to call the above School Safety Tip Line and leave a message to report any safety concerns regarding our schools. If you have an immediate safety concern or emergency, please call 9-1-1.

The safety of students, staff, and the general public is and will continue to be a priority for the District at all levels. Behind the scenes, there are procedures that must be developed and updated to ensure that all staff is informed of what to do and have designated responsibilities should an emergency occur. Learn more on the Safety & Emergency Information webpage.

Direct Contact: Tammy Baidsen (360) 383-2000


The District has had a concentrated effort into updating its procedures. This has included reviewing evacuation and lock-down plans with Whatcom County officials, fire district officials, and other agencies. The District also has coordinated with either fire districts and/or law enforcement to review these plans and their effectiveness during drills.

A major goal of the updated procedures was to have a consistent process and structure for monthly drills and what to do in the event of an actual emergency. The District is required to have an emergency drill once per month and at least three (3) fire drills annually. The District has also examined what is unique at each school and has plans and drills in place to address those concerns, one example, at Acme Elementary School, there are concerns associated with Jones Creek and plans are in place for an organized, efficient, and rapid evacuation of the school to a designated location. The District and the Acme Fire District have and will continue to conduct drills around this event.


The District’s priority in an emergency is simple; to keep students, staff, and the general public safe and to reunited parents/guardians with their children.

The District has a formal protocol for communication with parents/guardians and the general public should an emergency occur. Information will be provided via; 1) an automated telephone call/text/e-mail, 2) on the District’s website, and 3) via Facebook and other social media.

The District understands the need to be reunited with your children and has plans in place to do so. In the event an emergency, please recognize that the District will be focused upon student safety and will be very diligent to release students only to listed parents/guardians.

We sincerely hope that an actual emergency does not occur; however, we want to ensure that our drills and communication with students and staff ensure they know what to do should an actual emergency occur.