Staff Benefits Open Enrollment

Plan changes for January 1, 2021 will be made during Open Enrollment October 26th through November 23, 2020.

SEBB My Account and Forms will be available October 26th for this open enrollment period but not before then. You can start looking at rate changes and how to's on the Health Care Authority Website under OPEN ENROLLMENT. Please take the time read through the 2021 Plan Benefit Changes and Premium & Benefit Information.


If you are switching Providers, you must contact the Provider (not your Doctor, Dentist, or Eye Doctor, but the plan provider) to make sure that your Doctor, Dentist, and Eye Doctor is covered by their plan.

It is best to enroll through your SEBB My Account - You will need to follow each step. I encourage you to print out your Coverage Selection once you have completed so that you have a record in the event the system fails, feel free to send me a copy for your records so that I can provide help when needed. 


If you do not wish to make any changes then there is no need for you to do anything - your plan will remain exactly as is aside from any premium increases that occur.  You may be required to re-attest to the spousal surcharge regardless of whether or not your spouse is covered.  You can check this through your attestation tab and you will receive a letter from HCA/SEBB.

You will not have any other opportunity however, to make any changes until the following open enrollment period unless you have a Special Open Enrollment Event - so be sure you're sure and know what those Special Open Enrollment Events are.


Gitana Jensen
(360) 617-4605