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2/25/2019 - MBSD Water Systems Update

Hello Mount Baker Families, Students, and Staff,

Since I have been able to go a few days without communicating about snow, I thought I would provide an update on our work to solve lead issues with our water.

Students have access to clean and safe drinking water.  In my last update I clarified that the lead is not coming from our water source.  It is coming from fixtures with the sinks.  Filters for our water system are working well and monthly testing on our water systems have been good.  We continue to work with the Department of Health.  They have been impressed with our communication and our efforts to go above and beyond their requirements.

The following has been completed:

  • Signs have been posted at sinks and one fountain that should only be used for washing hands and not for drinking water.
  • Many fixtures including kitchen fixtures have been replaced.
  • Two new fountains with HydroBoost Bottle Filters have been installed in the Junior High.  The other one will be installed as soon as possible and more are being ordered.
  • Filters are installed and working efficiently.
  • Follow up testing is being scheduled with the Department of Health for later this spring.
  • Mount Baker’s Water Manager, Tom Larsen is completing certification for “Water Treatment Plant Operator” this week.  This certification allows him to conduct testing within the district while still communicating results with the Department of Health.

The following are in progress:

  • We are continuing to replace water fixtures for drinking water.
  • Replacing water fountains throughout the secondary campus.
  • Scheduling testing of additional classrooms with the Department of Health.

There is also work being done to install a new hot water heater in the Field House.  This has required some repair work that has made it necessary to temporarily turn off water.  The water should be back on later this week. 

The snow slowed progress on many things, but our maintenance team is diligent and working hard to get this work done.  Please be patient and understanding if some work orders are delayed.  Right now there is a priority on water and heat.  A big shout out to our maintenance team and custodians for all they do to make our schools safe and comfortable for student learning!

Have a great day!  

Mary Sewright, MBSD Superintendent