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2019 Washington FFA Convention: Results for Mount Baker

4th place in the State Veterinary Science Career Development Event.  This is the highest that Mount Baker FFA has placed in our third year competing in the event.  Team members included Noah Charpentier (Belgian Foreign Exchange Student), Kali Cook, Brooke Harkness, Bailey Harkness, and Kaylee Wahl-Knaus.  Students competed in four clinicals and handling practicums; a math test; identified breeds, parasites, and equipment; an essay on Dilated Cardiomyopathy; and a team activity on the Veterinary Client Patient Relationship regarding antibiotics.  Forty-three teams and 165 individuals competed in this event.

6th place in the State Parliamentary Procedure Leadership Development Event.  Team members included Aidan Duncan, Russell Vanderveen, Mason Saulsbury, Kayla VanWeerdhuizen, Victoria Rinard, Camryn Jewell, and alternate Trinity Som.  It was a very impressive performance in the finals, where they had their best run of the year with great debate and no mistakes in their presentation.

2nd place in the State Agricultural Communications Career Development Event.  Chelsea Zender was 1st high individual and Hannah Brendley was 3rd high individual, with additional team members including Tricia Wagar and Kerianna Cronk.  Members had to submit a proposal to promote the Mount Baker FFA chapter and present their proposal at state. They earned the highest placing in presentation and did a great job on individual practicums, editing, and knowledge test.

4th place in the Food Science Career Development Event (out of 44 teams).  Team members included Marissa Anderson, Chase Craiger, McKenzie Amarando, Kayli VanDyk and Takyla Branam.  Students completed several practicums, including: Triangle Testing, Aromas, Safety and Sanitation Issues, solved math problems, completed a customer inquiry, and knowledge test.  They also designed a new snack product for their team activity and scored a 365 out of 400 points on the presentation of their product.

Four Mount Baker FFA members earned their State FFA Degree as a result of earning $1000 or more from their SAE project, completing 25 hours of community service, and participating in a variety of activities above the chapter level. Members included Chelsea Zender, Chase Craiger, Kayli VanDyk, and Kayla VanWeerdhuizen.

The Mount Baker FFA Chapter earned 2nd place for their National Chapter Application in a very close final placing. This application outlines the activities the Mount Baker chapter plans and participates in each year, and in centered around Growing Leaders, Building Communities, and Strengthening Agriculture. This year’s application was written by Bailey Harkness and presented at state by her and Brooke Harkness.  The Mount Baker chapter’s application will be forwarded on for National consideration this summer.

6th place finish in the Milk Quality and Products Career and Development Event (out of 37 teams). It has been over 10 years since Mount Baker FFA has competed in this event, and this is the highest placing a Milk Quality and Products team has ever placed from Mount Baker FFA. Team members included Hailey Ambrose, Bodhi Beltran, Julian Gomez- Garrido, Atticus McCurdy, and Bailey Plouff.  Julian Gomez- Garrido was the top score on the team and placed 17th individually out of over 150 participants.

The Mount Baker Agriculture Sales Team finished in the top 12 (out of 28 teams) in a very difficult contest. Team members included Hannah Brendley, Thayer Brown, Tanner Mezo, and Russell VanderVeen.

Alexandria Strandberg competed as a sophomore in the State Employment Skills Leadership Development Event.  She qualified out of our district this past January as the 3rd place qualifier and competed in a tough competition against 35 other juniors and seniors at the state level.  She did a great job!

Two foreign exchange students competed at state this year and both were on state finalists teams (Noah and Julian).


Congratulations to all the Mount Baker FFA participants!