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7/31/2019 - MBSD Water Systems Update

Hello Mount Baker Families, Students, and Staff,

We continue to work on water maintenance.  At the end of June we conducted water testing for lead and copper which is mandatory every three years. The Department of Health asked us to collect 25 samples.  Ten samples were collected on the Deming campus and at Kendall Elementary.  Five samples were collected at Harmony Elementary.  Acme has their own water system.  The samples taken came from fixtures we have replaced.  According to the Department of Health the above number of samples will inform us of the lead and copper content throughout each building.  All fixtures tested had results well under the Federal Action Levels which indicates the actions we have taken to improve water quality have been successful.  

We are continuing to replace fixtures and we are half way through installing new drinking fountains.  This is challenging in some areas because of wiring and access to electricity.  Elementary fountain replacements will be a project for the 2019/2020 school year. 

Please see the attached test results that indicate that we are under the Federal Action Levels for both lead and copper: MBSD Lead and Copper Rule Report

Mary Sewright, MBSD Superintendent