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Apply online at the College Bound Scholarship Program website, or pick up an application from the Junior High office.


A five-minute application process for 7th and 8th graders that can lead to thousands of dollars in scholarships!

  • All 8th graders must complete an application by June 30th to be eligible.

  • 7th graders are encouraged to complete an application.

  • All students only need to apply once.

This four-year scholarship covers the cost of college tuition, fees, and books for low-income students who sign a pledge in 7th or 8th grade promising to graduate from high school and to demonstrate good citizenship. f you qualify for a free and reduced lunch program, you qualify. Even if you come close, you may qualify. If you would like to find out more about our lunch programs, please stop by the junior high office.

This program provides hope and incentive for students and families who otherwise might not consider college as an option because of its cost. The five minutes you take can provide thousands of dollars for your child’s education, and it can have a profound effect on their future.

This scholarship is occurring at a time when the state's need for highly educated and highly skilled workers is growing rapidly. Without intervention, 72 percent of the 56,000 low-income seventh and eighth graders are unlikely to enroll or even aspire to attend college.