My philosophy: buckle your seat belt.... it is going to be busy.


  • Be here when the bell rings READY to work. There are times when you MIGHT get a chance to do some homework, but don't count on it!

  • If I have stuff for you, I will let you know. If not, check the master "to do" list (see below) or check out the site on the internet.

  • Stay on task and get as many things checked off as you can. 

To Do List

Each day, come in and look at the list. Find something to work on during that period. Once you have done something write your initials and the date next to the number on the left with a pencil. Then find something else from the list you want to do. If you need a break you may work on homework, but refrain from doing nothing. DO NOT PLAY ON MY COMPUTER! Unless I give you a very specific task to do on my computer I do not want you to use it. Thanks.

  1. Change the date on the front board if teacher has not already done this.

  2. Water all plants once a week. Check to see that they haven’t already been watered by using your finger to see if the soil is damp, as over watering them will kill them.

  3. Check poster paper supply. If insufficient, cut more from the roles of paper in the bathroom or email Becky Phillips to see if she has anymore.

  4. Clean white board with water bottle and rag. Cleaning supplies are located under over projector. If necessary use the white board cleaner spray behind the computer, but be careful with this stuff it is potent and it stinks.

  5. Clean all desks, cabinets, door handles, phones, etc - Clean with spray bottle in the cupboards above the sink and a rag at least once a month and more often when many people are sick.

  6. File away; there is a cardboard box under my desk with folders and papers. Put the folders into the filing cabinet in alphabetical order. OJO – make sure that Spanish files are put in the cabinet labeled Spanish and the ESL files put in the cabinet labeled ESL – questions/not sure? ASK ME.

  7. Fill all empty glue bottles with the big glue bottle. Throw away any Empty glue Bottles that have Bad/cut tops, or switch the tops around to use up glue in bad ones, but don’t refill bad ones.

  8. Clean and organize my cabinets in the back of the classroom.

  9. Please clean out scraps from the magazine boxes under the front table. Any magazines that are very torn up should be recycled.

  10. Wash any and all overheads on the back table with the spray bottle and a rag from under the overhead projector.

  11. Cut out laminations that come in from the library. They will be sitting on the back table.

  12. Wash any and all dishes that are in the sink. You can use the soap that is in the black hand pump on the wall and lay out some paper towels on the counter to put the wet dishes on to dry.

  13. Walk around and help students when they are in groups. Feel free to help my Russian boys – whip them into shape! Let me know if you have any trouble with them at all. Look for people who are lost and help them get back on track.

  14. Check plants to see if the soil is damp using your finger. If they are dry water them with the green watering elephant.

  15. Clean up the room. Recycle scrap paper; organize books in the back computer room and on the students’ resource table in the front of the class to the right of the overhead projector.

  16. Make sure all my pencils are sharpened. Check my desk and computer table, as well as the overhead projector stand. (Make sure to do this when it will be least disturbing, as in when I am not talking or they are not taking a test. Probably best to do when they are broken into groups or working on projects).

  17. Take out recycling weekly to the cafeteria. If they are heavy, just take them one at a time.

  18. Clean up the magazine boxes under the student resource table. Recycle all the cut up scraps people leave in the box and recycle any and all magazines that look really torn up. Let me know when we are running low of magazines so I can get some more.

  19. Go get stuff from Jr. High box under Johnson in the Jr. High office. Ask Mrs. Romes if you are not sure.

  20. Clean all computer screens with a slightly damp cloth. Oh, and the TV screen as well.

  21. Sanitize the Sponges. Get Sponges wet, put them in the Microwave for 3 minutes… BE CAREFUL! When they are done, they will need a couple of minutes to cool down before you take them out or they will burn you.

  22. Go get used paper in the library and the computer labs. I am looking for paper that is used on one side but clean on the other. Bring these back, REMOVE ALL STAPLES, put in my printer (or next to my printer) clean side facing up.

  23. Make a million Birthday cards in Spanish and put them in my birthday box above my microwave. (Use the scrap paper in the box on the bottom shelf of the student cart).

  24. Clean up as I go along. Pick up paper off the floor, put pens, glue and other materials away.

  25. Help keep students on task. Stand near students who are talking when I am talking. Help redirect their behavior.

  26. Help lower students know where we are at. Help with spelling and help them stay on task. Position yourself near them, sit next to them. They may be your special project.

STAY BUSY - I don't have time to baby-sit and I will yell at you!