Updates on school closures, inclement weather, and transportation changes/issues will be sent to families through texts, emails, and/or phone calls using Thrillshare.

You can also get updates using the following:

  • Website (Alert Banner and Live Feed)

  • FlashAlert

  • Mobile Apps

  • Inclement Weather Phone Line

If the District does not post any updates, schools and transportation are on normal schedules.

Website's Live Feed, Computer, Weather, School Bus

Check the website's Live Feed for information and updates; an Alert Banner pop-up may also be posted to the website.

FlashAlert, Computer, Phone, Weather, School Bus

Sign up with FlashAlert for information and updates (local broadcasting stations: KGMI 790, KISM 92.9, KAFE 104.1, KPUG 1170, KBAI 930, KWPZ106.5, KZAZ 91.7, KCPQ 13 TV, KOMO 4 TV, KING 5 TV, KONG 6 TV, and KIRO 7 TV).

Mobile Apps, Phone, Weather, School Bus

Notifications will be sent out through the district's mobile apps with any information and updates.

Inclement Weather Line, Phone, Weather, School Bus

Inclement Weather Phone Line

Call (360) 383-2070 for information and updates on school closures and transportation changes due to inclement weather.


Hazardous weather, floods, or unexpected emergencies may force changes in bus transportation schedules and pick-up/drop-off points for Mount Baker Students. Information is announced only when there is a closure or schedule change. Please remember:

  • Buses may be running late due to road conditions.

  • Due to adverse conditions and for their personal safety, please have your student stand as far back from the edge of the road, prior to the bus stopping.

  • The bus cannot stop on inclines.

For students living in certain areas, their pick up and drop off stops may change. Some areas in the district are difficult for school buses to maneuver when there is ice and snow on the road. Children who live in these areas may need to catch their bus at an alternate location; these are called Snow Bus Routes.

Find out ahead of time if you live on a Snow Bus Route by checking the schedule and talking with your bus driver before it snows. If you have a transportation question or concern (other than, "is the bus running on schedule?"), please call the Transportation Office at (360) 383-2060.