Accidents To and From Work or School

When the school is notified that a student or staff member has been in an accident on the way to or from school, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Try to determine whether help has been summoned. If it has not, call 911 immediately to alert police, fire or rescue departments.
  2. Notify the building administration and superintendent's office.
  3. Call the parents, spouse and individual names on the locator card.
  4. If parents, spouse or close relatives cannot be reached, call that person's supervisor at the place of employment on the locator card.
  5. If appropriate, send an employee trained in first-aid/CPR to observe and possibly assist with the situation.

Contact the District Office at (360) 383-2000. Support will be provided and will also handle initial communication with the news media. Refer all calls from the news media to the Superintendent or his designee. All news releases will come from the central office. The Superintendent or designee will be the spokesperson.

In Case of Emergency . . . Dial 911