Find Your Bus Route

With Infofinder i

Find your Bus Route:
  1. Go to Infofinder i and type in your address, then click "Search."
  2. In the "Results," find your student's school.
  3. The bus stop and pick-up/drop-off times will be listed, and the location of the bus stop will be marked on on the map.
  • For at least the first two weeks back to school, please plan to have your student waiting at the bus stop fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled morning pick-up time.
  • Your afternoon drop-off time will be similar to last year's early release times, minus one (1) hour. For example, if your child was dropped off at 1:20 pm past year on early release days, this year's target drop-off time will be 12:20 pm. Please remember to be ready well in advance for the first few days as we adjust our bus routes. Also, routing times may be affected due to having fewer students on the route.
  • Please be patient as we navigate this the first week or two of school.

Route Information & Background
  • Routes posted are from the 2019-2020 school year; we will be following the same routes as last year.
  • If your address is not listed, please contact Transportation and we can give you an approximate time.
  • Our buses will pick up any students who are on the road for the first two (2) weeks.