Intruder on School Grounds

All Situations:

  1. If any unauthorized person is observed, request intruder check in at the main office.
  2. Intervene only if it can be done safely. Do not force the issue if the intruder refuses.
  3. Identify other witnesses.
  4. Notify administration immediately.

Threatening Situation (weapon present, person out of control, threats made, etc.):

  1. Do not intervene.
  2. Notify administration immediately.
  3. Emergency "lock-down" procedure will be instituted if appropriate. In extreme situations, instructions will be given to keep students away from door and windows.
  4. Police support will be notified immediately be calling 911.
  5. Administration will make immediate contact with the suspected violator after assessing the situation and all related safety considerations.
  6. Contact the Superintendent's office at (360) 617-4600.

Follow-Up (if a "lock-down" results, follow designated instructions):

  1. Administration will notify school staff of the situation and how it was handled in an emergency. A faculty meeting will be held as soon as possible.
  2. Central office/principal will provide communication and/or press release, if appropriate.

Contact the District Office at (360) 383-2000. Support will be provided and will also handle initial communication with the news media. Refer all calls from the news media to the Superintendent or his designee. All news releases will come from the central office. The Superintendent or designee will be the spokesperson.

In Case of Emergency . . . Dial 911