Medical Emergency

If a serious medical emergency exists, including serious illness or injury, the following procedures should be used:

1. Assess the situation by examining the patient and checking for medical tags. If possible refer to the building folder “Students with Emergency Concerns”.

2. Call 911 and request an ambulance.

3. Administer first aid and life-sustaining techniques, utilizing any trained people on staff. Do not move the victim unless he/she is in a life-threatening environment.

4. Contact building administrator or designee.

5. Obtain necessary patient information by checking:

  • Emergency or locator card on file in the office or in the athletic medical kit.
  • Personal emergency card, if a staff member.

6. Notify parent/guardian or next of kin. Do not delay medical care because parent or physician cannot be reached.

7. Accompany the student to the hospital. Have family members meet the student at the hospital.

Contact the District Office at (360) 383-2000. Support will be provided and will also handle initial communication with the news media. Refer all calls from the news media to the Superintendent or his designee. All news releases will come from the central office. The Superintendent or designee will be the spokesperson.

In Case of Emergency . . . Dial 911