Paperless Payroll

Access your payroll Information through Skyward

December 2020 Payroll - last payroll MBSD will print and mail out your pay stub. 

January 2021 Payroll - you will need to look up your pay information through Employee Access in Skyward. 

By utilizing Employee Access in Skyward:

  • Payroll information is available to the employee much sooner.
  • There will be time saved by not having to process, order and wait for shipping.
  • Paperless transactions are a much more efficient and secure method.
  • You won't have to worry about misplacing or having your information get lost in the mail.
  • You can still print your pay stub, if needed.

Please read the instructions on how to Access your Payroll Information in Skyward. If you do not already have a Skyward Account you will need to reach out to Ken Root at kroot@mtbaker.wednet.edu.

Contact Gitana Jensen at gjensen@mtbaker.wednet.edu if you have any questions.