School Board Meetings & Policy

About School Board Meetings

NOTICE: The evening School Board meetings will be in the District Office with limited occupancy due to COVID-19 restrictions. All attendees are required to wear masks and sign in. We encourage interested staff members, parents, and community members to attend via Zoom.

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School Board meetings are open to the public and all discussions will be held in the open, with the exception of executive sessions. There is time on the meeting agenda for audience participation. If you have questions about specific procedures, please check with a district office staff member prior to the start of the meeting. Involved and informed parents and citizens are our best guarantee of excellence in our public schools.

We as a board recognize our responsibility to conduct the business of the district in an orderly and efficient manner and will therefore require reasonable controls to regulate public presentations to the board. The following overview will help you understand how best to participate in the meeting.

School Board Meeting Information

The Agenda: School board members receive a full agenda several days prior to the board meeting. The agenda may deal with curriculum, budget, hiring of personnel, facilities, school transportation, or long-range planning. The agenda usually includes written support material that helps us with our decision making. If it appears that we take quick action on an item, it may be because we have been studying the topic for several weeks or that we have had our questions answered in advance of the meeting. The agenda that is available to you may not include all of this supporting material. 

If you have any questions concerning the agenda, please contact the District Office at (360) 383-2000.  

You can view the School Board Agendas, as well as Minutes and other documents, on BoardDocs.

Public Participation: Individuals wishing to be heard at a board meeting shall advise the secretary of the board in advance. Business items suggested by patrons of the district shall be submitted in writing and received in the office of the superintendent at least seven days before the meeting in order to ensure inclusion on the written agenda.

Items on the Agenda: Individuals wishing to express an opinion prior to board action on agenda items are asked to identify themselves by providing their name and address in order to be recognized by the president. Your comments will be as brief as the subject permits and in no case longer than 3 minutes per individual. The president of the board may interrupt or terminate an individual’s statement when it is too lengthy, personally directed, abusive, obscene, or irrelevant.

Items not on the Agenda: The president will allow any individual to speak to any issue not included on the agenda. Comments will be limited to three minutes per speaker. Comments directed at the performance of school personnel will not be allowed. The board will not take action on a citizen request made in this manner, but may refer the issue to the administration for further investigation or research. Alternatively, citizens may present a request to the superintendent 72 hours before a scheduled meeting to address a concern not otherwise treated on the agenda.

Types of Board Meetings: The Mount Baker School Board meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Meetings are held at the District Office. In addition to regular meetings, special meetings or emergency sessions are held on rare occasions to address urgent issues. Notices are provided to the news media, board members, posted on the district website, and posted on the District Office Entrance, 24 hours before such meetings are scheduled. All scheduled meetings are open to the public.