Special Education Student History File

This message is intended for Mount Baker Alumni who were scheduled to graduate in 2014 and were provided Special Education Services or 504 Accommodations while enrolled in the Mount Baker School District.

A confidential letter will be mailed out on 2/28/2020 to your last known address with the following information:

Six or more years ago, you received special education services, speech services, or an evaluation for services, through the Mt. Baker School District. A file of educational records related to these services has been maintained in our office. It is our duty to inform you that these special education records are no longer needed to provide educational services and that under state law you have the right to take possession of the file or any of its contents.

If you would like to take possession of these records, please contact us either by telephone or in writing. If we do not hear from you before 6/15/2020, we will destroy the special education student history file.

Records requests will only be granted to the student whose records we hold. Anyone taking possession of purged student records is required to show identification and sign before receiving the records.

Student Services Office contact information: