Threat of Suicide

Any note or verbalization should be taken seriously! Contact building counselor or administration immediately:

1. The counselor will:

  • Evaluate the severity of the situation:
    • If a student is gesturing, talking or taking non-lethal action, contact the parent or guardian and help the family find professional counseling.
    • If there has been a serious attempt, behavior that causes injury or is life threatening, do not leave the student alone until he/she has been turned over to a competent mental health specialist.
  • Notify the principal.

2. Work with the parent to determine what information will be shared with staff and the study body. Respect the family's wishes regarding the release of information.

3. In case of a suicide attempt:

  • Contact 911 if there is any question that a life-threatening situation is involved.
  • Assign a staff member to stay with the student at all times.
  • Clear the area to minimize chaos and provide working room.
  • Contact parents or guardian to advise them of the situation.
  • Notify the superintendent.
  • If necessary, an administrator or counselor will accompany the student to the hospital.

Contact the District Office at (360) 383-2000. Support will be provided and will also handle initial communication with the news media. Refer all calls from the news media to the Superintendent or his designee. All news releases will come from the central office. The Superintendent or designee will be the spokesperson.

In Case of Emergency . . . Dial 911