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Confidential Phone: (360) 617-4511

Lauren Oswald, FCS at Acme Elementary
(360) 617-4104

Christina Ortiz, FSC at ERC/Harmony Elementary/MBJH/MBHS
(360) 617-4511

Sierra Gonzales, FSC at Kendall Elementary
(360) 617-4406

Mount Baker Language Line
(360) 383-2065



There are three Family Services Coordinators at Mount Baker School District. Our mission is to create partnerships between families, school, and the community. We provide support which enables children and adolescents to live in a safe and healthy environment, as well as encourages them to be present and do their best in school.

  • We assist families with resources, information and problem solving to help their children succeed in school.

  • We are here as a support to students, staff and parents.

  • We seek to educate and empower families to be resourceful and creative in difficult economic times.

  • We are available for confidential meetings by phone, at school or at home.

All our services are confidential


  • Mobile Dental Clinic - Elementary, Junior High, and High School students have an opportunity to have a free dental screening at school.

  • Operation School Bell - Families with Elementary, Junior High, and High School students who qualify for free or reduced lunch can sign up for free back to school clothes at the beginning of the school year.

  • School Supplies - All district students who qualify for free or reduced lunch can receive some free school supplies at the beginning of each school year.

  • Food Pantry Program - Families with children at any of Mount Baker schools (pre-k/Head Start through high school) can sign up to receive a box of food before winter and spring break to help them with added food costs during these times.

  • Holiday Assistance - Mount Baker families who qualify for free or reduced lunch can apply for holiday assistance including Thanksgiving baskets (a limited number spaces are available; applications can be picked up at school offices in October).

  • McKinney-Vento Support - We provide help for families in transition who have lost their housing due to economic hardship or other factors. If you are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, or doubled up with another family, please contact us to see what services you may be eligible for. View the Student Services webpage for more information.

Family Services provides addition support and services for:

  • Eye glasses

  • Accessing health insurance

  • Accessing mental health support

  • Housing resources

  • Parenting resources

  • Accessing legal services

  • Food/clothing and other basic needs

  • Summer programs

  • Early childhood programs