Planning for Mount Baker's School-Based Health Center is still underway. If you want to get involved or have questions, send an email to

Background & Information

In July of 2022, the Mount Baker School District received a grant from the Washington State Department of Health to plan for a school-based health center in the district! This is exciting news! 

A school-based health center (SBHC) is a student-focused health center located in or near a school where there is combined medical, mental health, and other health care services. This is a collaboration between community, school and a medical provider. SBHCs serve all students regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. 

School based health centers provide students and in some cases, families and the general community, with easy access to health care. They also:

  • Help to identify concerns sooner, so students can get the care they need;

  • Improve overall student health and wellbeing;

  • Support student learning & increase school attendance (less missed school days to travel to appointments!);

  • Save families and employers time and money;

  • Increase school connectedness; and

  • Support teachers and school staff.

A school-based health center will not replace any services that are already taking place at Mount Baker schools.  It will expand access to services for students and support existing programs at the schools. Staff and providers at the health center will work in collaboration with school staff to ensure the health of all students.

Getting Involved

Mount Baker's School-Based Health Center Planning Advisory Committee, Healthy Baker, is comprised of school administration, staff, community partners, health care providers, and families of school aged youth.


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Supporting Every Student

When families, schools, and the community work together in nurturing and stable environments, we can support each child’s academic, social, and developmental needs from the very beginning. Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic operates several medical clinics in Seattle Schools and is a powerful example of effective partnerships. Research shows that school-based clinics support students’ health and increase attendance and GPA.


   Working Together to Support Every Student’s Needs

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