Music Night in March | Thursday, March 16th

Music Night in March

Thursday, March 16th

Mount Baker Choir begins @ 6:30 PM

Mount Baker Band begins @ 7:30 PM

in the MBHS Auditorium

No admission fee!

This is a double-header concert event! The audience is invited to attend one or both concerts. Students are performing their music before they go for adjudication later this month.


Hello 7th-12th Grade Band Families,

Our second concert of the year is quickly approaching! We will share the results of 2 ½ months of class this term by giving a concert!

  • Who: Jazz Band, 7th Grade Band, 8th Grade Band, Highlander Band, and Mountaineer Band
  • What: Winter Music Concert
  • Where: MBHS Auditorium
  • When: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: Pre-concert warm-up @ 7:00 PM in the band room; Concert begins @ 7:30 PM

What to wear:

Concert Dress for 7th Grade Band, 8th Grade Band, and Highlander Band (two options):

  1. Option #1:
    • Black Dress Pants
    • White Button Down Shirt or nice White Top (no T-Shirts)
    • Solid Black Socks
    • Solid Black Shoes
  2. Option #2:
    • Black Dress or Skirt (longer length)
    • Nice White Shirt, White Cardigan, or Nice Sweater
    • Solid Black Socks
    • Solid Black Shoes

The Mountaineer Band will wear their kilted uniforms.  No hats, no gloves.

Order of groups:

  1. Jazz Band
  2. 7th Grade Band
  3. 8th Grade Band
  4. Highlander Band
  5. Mountaineer Band


The students will sit together quietly as a class to watch the entire performance. The purpose of this event is not only to give your students a chance to perform, but also for them to experience and listen to more advanced band music. It gives younger students a window into where their band journey is taking them in the coming years and helps them understand how to be good audience members to their school community.

This concert is the majority of their grade for the Trimester and is required to pass the class. If there is a family emergency, please contact me ASAP and they will be given an alternative assignment. If a student misses the concert without their parent/guardian contacting me about an emergency, they will likely fail the class for the Trimester.

If your family has an emergency that necessitates you leaving early, please let me know. Otherwise, I do expect all students to stay for the entire concert. It will end around 8:30 pm.

See you in a little over a week!

Mr. Ross, Band Director & Mr. Walz, Band Director