Weekly Update, Mount Baker School District

Greetings Mount Baker Students, Families, and Staff,

Happy New Year and welcome back! As we return to school, we know that students are working hard to rebuild their daily routines. The caring staff at Mount Baker are committed to
diligently supporting this habit re-development over the coming days and weeks. 

Winter Break was a busy time around the secondary campus as student-athletes competed in a variety of contests and games. Athletics not only provide a healthy outlet for students, but also create an opportunity for friends and neighbors to come together and create community. Mount Baker has a proud tradition of being able to offer these co-curricular opportunities to students with the support of local levy dollars.

Finally, keeping an eye on the forecast, it is important to review the District weather delay/closure information. It can be found on the “School Closures” button on the top of the Mount Baker School District Webpage.

Have a great evening!