Mask Mandate for Mount Baker Athletic Events

Mount Baker Nation,

As we are in the middle of our fall sports season, this is a reminder about mask mandates. As the state has their mandates for masking, individual schools may have stricter mandates and/or guidelines that fans must abide by.  Mount Baker requires the following:

  • For outdoor events: up to 499 fans, no masks are required; over 500 fans, masks are required. Athletes, coaches, and officials are exempt from wearing a mask. Everyone else in attendance is required to wear a mask.
  • For indoor events: only athletes actively playing are not required to wear masks. Everyone else in attendance is required to wear a mask.

Other schools may require wearing a mask. Please respect their guidelines and mask up if required. Please respect these guidelines and mask up. 

In order to give our student/athletes the opportunity to compete, please follow these guidelines.

Coach Ron Lepper