Watch the Live Stream | Homecoming Battle of the Voices

The Homecoming Battle of the Voices has returned for this school year!

Tonight at 7:30 PM, the students of Mountaineer Choir will compete for bragging rights and a marker in the choir room (there are pink and blue tiles on the ceiling).

You can attend in person, or follow with the live stream below:

This event started in 2012 and currently the score is 4 wins for team pink, and 4 wins for team blue. It is a night of fun competition that demonstrates the students' ability to work independently and cooperatively.  

The lineup is:

  • The Star Spangled Banner
  • ROUND 1 Blue Moon: This round features a senior soloist from each team (Caleb Wagar and Tori Rinard).
  • ROUND 2 Team Songs: Each team chose a song to prepare on their own. PRESENTATION is the focus of this round. Which team does the best job of presenting an engaging performance? Team Pink - Super Trooper  / Team Blue - The Wellerman 
  • ROUND 3 Shine on Me: The teams take turns singing the melody to this song, so you hear a line presented by one team and then by the other team. The focus of this round is accuracy and vocal skill.

After the winning team is announced, we ask everyone to join us as we sing the Baker Fight Song.