Weekly Update from the Superintendent

January 19, 2022

Dear students, staff, families and community, 

Last week I shared updated K-12 Guidance focused on keeping students in school as well as a  one-page document  that provides a concise summary of the updates.  The Whatcom County Health Department Health Officers have released updated guidelines that align with the K-12 updates. We are doing everything we can to keep students in school.  During this surge of Omicron it has been difficult to keep up with testing and communication.  Please be understanding when our health and school staff contact you about any health requirements. You can also help us by doing the following:

  • Sign a test to stay permission form that has been or will be sent home with students and is accessible on our website (optional)
  • Keep students home when they are sick.  (required)
  • Consider getting eligible family members and children vaccinated at one of the upcoming vaccination clinics (optional)
  • Take advantage of free testing kits that can give you reassurance when needed by ordering here (optional)
    • Note that required tests must be administered by school personnel.  At home tests do not replace required testing but can be a helpful resource to have at home when you are unsure if symptoms are due to COVID
  • Follow COVID health and safety guidelines both at school and in the community (required)

Please help us keep our athletic events open to spectators by appropriately wearing masks that fit over your nose and mouth and refraining from bringing food or beverages into athletic facilities both at home and when visiting other districts.  I enjoy attending events as do administrators and athletic staff, but we don’t enjoy telling people to put masks on.  Let’s all just do the right thing for our students and athletic programs. 

Adjustments have been made to the school calendar to make-up cancellations due to flooding and inclement weather.  You can access the one-page calendar here.  Secondary conferences are shifting to April to adjust for third trimester.  We will make that update official in the next couple weeks.  Therefore, there is not an early release for grades 7 through 12 on March 25. 

The Mount Baker School District Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Edward Fox to represent District 2.  When there is an open position mid election due to a resignation, a replacement is appointed until the next regular election. Ed will be sworn in and officially begin at our next meeting on January 27th at 8:30 a.m. Ed has four children attending our District and has been a very involved parent, PTA member, and community member at Kendall Elementary and Mount Baker Junior High.  He has also been a coach and supporter of youth sports.  As a business owner who has lived in our community for 15 years, he brings a great deal of knowledge and expertise as well as a passion for making Mount Baker the best place it can be for all students, families, and staff. 

Have a wonderful evening!

Mary Sewright, Superintendent
(360) 617-4600