Student-Led Clubs at MBHS

Student clubs are clubs sponsored by the ASB and created by MBHS Students. If you want to join a club, the list of current clubs can be found here: Current MBHS Club List.

How to Create a Club

In order to create a club, a student must meet the prerequisites (written below) and submit a Student Club Application Form to the ASB. Once the MBHS Student Club Application is approved, a club may start having regular meetings. 

Club Prerequisites

All clubs must….

  • Have an advisor who will host club meetings from the MBHS faculty.
  • Have a minimum of 3 members.

Club Finances

All student-led clubs are allotted a startup fund by the ASB. Club startup funds will increase with members, up to $500. Exact amounts are detailed below:

  • 3-5 Members: $50.00
  • 6-9 Members: $250.00
  • 10+ Members: $500.00

How to Use Club Funds

In order to use the allotted start up fund, a student club must create and approve a club budget. Afterwards, they must make a requisition with the current ASB Treasurer.


Q: When can my club meet?

A: Clubs can meet as many times per week as they wish at the discretion of the club advisor.

Q: When will my club form be approved?

A: Your club form will typically be approved on weekly ASB meeting days. As of 5/4/2022, ASB meets weekly on Wednesdays.