I Am The Hope And The Dream - The Juneteenth Video Project

I Am The Hope And The Dream - The Juneteenth Video Project

A film by Remy Styrk
A project of Connect Ferndale

On Monday, June 13th Ferndale Connect, a program of Ferndale Community Services launched the Juneteenth Video Project. The Project seeks to educate the students and communities of Whatcom County on the significance and importance of Juneteenth, demonstrated by a reading of the General Order by Whatcom County students and featuring the reflections of local Black community leaders' lived experiences of Juneteenth. The film features the music of the Harlem Gospel Travelers’ song, Fight On.

The purpose of the video is to highlight and share Juneteenth, to showcase the many ways this holiday is experienced, and to promote understanding of the history behind the day. Our intention is that the video will be used for educational purposes in schools all over Whatcom County, and for the general public, too.

Providing creative direction on the project, community activist and Bellingham City Councilmember Kristina Michele Martens states, “We are providing an educational experience that will elevate the voices of local Black students and Black community leaders in sharing the significance of Juneteenth.”

Remy Styrk, a young, Black filmmaker from New York with family ties to Ferndale will be directing and editing the video locally this May. He’s excited to assist in telling a memorable story for students and community members alike.

In November of 2020 County Councilmember Carol Frazey stated, “Affirming that racism is a public health crisis allows us to acknowledge that racism is built into our systems, invites accountability, and allows us to take action.” Frazey, Chair of the Public Works and Health Committee continued, “Now we can begin to work together toward racial equity, justice, and better health outcomes.”

Source: Connect Ferndale Youtube Channel