Babies and Kids Can't Wait |  The Importance of General Well-Child Care Planning

Whatcom County Health Department’s “Babies and Kids Can’t Wait” aims to help communicate the importance of general well-child care planning, and covers topics such as preventive care visits, early intervention, child oral health, and immunizations.

October is Child Health Month! Celebrate your child’s health and schedule their appointments today. View the Parent Well-Child Visit Tipsheet (in English, Spanish, and Russian).

Well Visits Keep Your Child Healthy

A well visit is a great time to connect with a trusted provider to track progress on your child’s healthy growth and development and to get support. Your health care provider can even offer support for behavior, mental health, wellness, and common challenges such as feeding and sleeping. A health check-up or “well-child visit” offers a chance for you to ask your child’s doctor any health questions you have. This is also the time for those important immunizations and screenings, including lead, mental health, and development. Keep your child healthy all year long! Check-ups are free for pregnant or postpartum women, babies and kids with insurance (including Apple Health). Call your insurance company if you need help finding a nearby clinic or have trouble scheduling a visit. For help finding coverage, go to WAHealthPlanFinder.Org or call 1-855-923-4633.

Dental Visit

First tooth? First dental check-up.  Healthy teeth matter, and taking care of them starts early. Schedule your child’s dental checkups every six (6) months. If you need help finding a dental provider visit or call 844-888-5465. Learn more about Dental Health & Hygiene for Young Children.

Early Intervention

Skills such as taking a first step, smiling for the first time, and waving “bye bye” are called developmental milestones. If you have any concerns about your child reaching developmental milestones, getting support early is best. A well visit appointment is a great time to share your thoughts with your child’s doctor. To learn more and see if you qualify for services, request an evaluation at or call SEAS today at 360-715-7485.

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