Roots Family Enrichment Program

Roots Program in Bellingham, WA

Empowering and Stabilizing Children & Families


Winter 2023: January 12th - March 2nd 6-8 PM, every Thursday

Spring 2023: April 6th - May 25th 6-8 PM, every Thursday

Roots Family Enrichment Program

Roots is a family enrichment program that helps families find support in their own community and teaches skills that are usable in everyday life. Popular opinion says that we have to choose between expecting our children to follow the rules and having a close relationship. We believe you can achieve both. Together, we discover a balanced design for the parent/child relationship.

What parents can expect from the classes:

  • Help children manage their own behavior
  • Explore basic brain science, stress responses and skills for self-regulation
  • Develop communication skills that help build strong family relationships
  • Meet other parents and share ideas

Children’s Support Program

Support group for children that teach the life skills necessary to understand, talk about, and cope with what is happening in their lives in healthy, positive ways. Elementary and Middle School groups available.

Nursery care provided for children age 4 and under.

  • Date: Thursdays from 6-8 PM (Free dinner is served at 6 PM)
  • Location: Bellingham
  • Cost: Free of charge

Contact: Wa’Lynn Klein at wa’ or (360) 714-0700, or check out our website for more information

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