Nominate your favorite books for the Mount Baker Book Awards, Five kids sitting on a bench outside reading books

Have you or your students read a book that you think would be a great read for 4-6th grade students? Do you want to help choose books that will be included in the Sasquatch Challenge next year? If so, we'd love your recommendations. Please use the MBBA recommendation Google form to submit your students’ recommendations or use the printed copies that will be placed in your box this week. More forms are available in the library.

Here is some additional information about the MBBA award:

  • 5 to 10 books will be selected
  • Books can be from our current collection or not and it doesn’t matter when it was published as long as it doesn’t contain offensive or bias content
  • Nominated titles will be split up, read and presented to the committee for judging
  • Committee will consist of teachers and librarians
  • Considerations will include:
    • Reading enjoyment
    • Reading level
    • Interest level
    • Genre representation (all genre’s welcome)
    • WA state interest
    • Effectiveness of expression
    • Imagination

The titles selected this spring will be added to our list of Sasquatch, Young Reader’s Choice Jr. and Otter nominees for 2023-2024 Sasquatch Challenge. All book recommendations need to be submitted by April 14, 2023. We look forward to seeing all the great suggestions from our Mount Baker community!