Weekly Update from the Superintendent

September 8, 2021

Dear students, staff, families and community, 

Mount Baker’s start to the school year has been wonderful.  Thanks to students, parents, and staff for making this week such a positive experience for our learning community.  Today we welcomed Kindergarten students to school. Monday our pre-school students will join us.  It is great to have everybody back together.  We will do everything possible to keep kids in school and engaged in learning.

If a COVID-19 case is reported, we contact trace to determine if there are any close contacts.  If there are close contacts, parents are notified.  We follow the K-12 Health and Safety Guidelines to determine the need to quarantine any close contacts.  Each Wednesday we will update our COVID-19 Dashboard.  The information will include location, number of cases reported, number of students quarantined, and whether or not there was transmission at school. 

Our PTA’s and booster clubs are fun ways for parents to connect and support student activities.  I encourage you to contact your child’s school for more information.  Even if you are not able to regularly volunteer, just the act of joining these organizations supports our students.  If you want to volunteer, use this link to obtain a volunteer application. Per law, we do require this application which allows us to complete the required background check for approval. 

Athletics are in full swing.  This year fans are able to attend in person.  When attendance in person is not convenient, we also have access to streamed events played in the field house or Bob Tisdale Stadium as well as away events held at participating schools.  You can obtain more information and register for the NFHS Network on our Mount Baker Athletics  page on our website.  Watching our students perform is such a joy.  I hope to see you all at some of our upcoming events.

Go Baker!


Mary Sewright, Superintendent | msewright@mtbaker.wednet.edu | (360) 617-4600