Weekly Update from the Superintendent

March 23, 2022

Dear students, staff, families and community, 

Our third trimester has begun.  Elementary teachers are enjoying conferences with parents this week. It is such a great time to share information and work in partnership to support students.  Daylight is longer, school gardens will be blooming, and spring sports are in full-swing. You can feel the positive energy at all of our schools.  Just today, I was talking with high school students who shared this sentiment, “Everything feels more positive and normal.  It feels like this trimester will be brighter.”

The School Board has been touring our schools and departments.  They have been observing how we are addressing the Mount Baker Strategic Plan goals, specifically for teaching and learning as well as creating a culture of care given all we have been through.  It has been evident and observable that Mount Baker staff have spent a great deal of time working collaboratively to learn strategies that promote belonging and remove barriers for all students. The Mount Baker School Board is committed to making all of our schools places where students feel supported and valued.  We aim to make school a home game for every student!

In the next couple of weeks, you will be receiving our FOCUS publication in the mail.  It is a beautiful edition, and highlights many things we have accomplished as well as the positive activities our students are involved in at Mount Baker.  In spite of a pandemic and many other challenges the past two years have thrown at us, there are many accomplishments and celebrations.  While it is important to address deficits incurred during this time, it is also important to acknowledge the outcomes.  

Be sure to check out our website for the latest information about everything Baker.

Mary Sewright
(360) 617-4600