Weekly Update from the Superintendent

Dear students, staff, families and community,

There was no school for students at Acme Elementary today due to the boiler breaking down.  The building was just too cold for students.  We are working diligently to solve this issue. Students will work remotely Thursday and Friday.  Our hope is we will be able to have students back in class as normal by Monday.  This applies to Acme Elementary only.  Acme parents and staff will receive more specific details directly from the school. Here is a link to our Distance Learning Plan.

All Mount Baker staff members engaged in professional development on social emotional leaning this past Friday.  This is important because everyone regardless of their role has an impact on student learning and well-being.  We discussed the planning grant for a School Based Health Clinic and gave input regarding what that should encompass.  We learned about services for homeless students and mental health services.  People were surprised that Mount Baker has 14 professionals who are dedicated to giving support to students for social emotional learning and mental health needs.  In fact, 22% of our students are receiving mental health services directly from Mount Baker staff.  We are committed to supporting the needs of students and families through multi-tiered levels of support. 

Increasing student voice and input is important.  We are trying to do this through class meetings at the elementary level, Base Camp and Pride at the secondary level, social emotional learning screening and monitoring, leadership groups, and superintendent advisories at each school.  No-one has more expertise on what it is like to be a Mount Baker student than our current students.  I would love to increase participation in my superintendent advisories, so if your child/youth is interested, please contact me.  I am also always open to hearing students’ stories whether or not they want to be involved in this group.  If anyone in our school community has questions, concerns, ideas, thoughts, or a story to tell me, please contact me.  I enjoy the opportunity to learn from students, parents, staff, and community members. 

Just a reminder that there is a wealth of information on our website.  District Office Secretary, Katie Totten has done a stellar job keeping the website as well as our Facebook page updated.  Checkout our website for the latest information including MBYAA soccer registration, WSU's Strengthening Families Podcast, and family services.


Mary Sewright, Superintendent
(360) 617-4600